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"We were at the 7th page on google and moved immediately to the 2nd page in a large metropolitan area for Heating and AC companies...needless to say IMPRESSED....... 
Robert B, Owner HVAC...Falls City,Texas

"Hey MMI.. thank you for rearranging my ad on google, I moved from the 2nd page to the 1st. 
Tom L, GM, Real Estate...Aberdeen, NC

"Didn't know what a google citation was until your salesperson helped us receive top page results. 
Bill A, Manager, Auto Repair...Pocatello, ID

"Because "A Greater Town" uses the same type of indexing system as google my Search Engine Optimization results are incredible. 
Jack F, Insurance Broker...Biddeford, ME

"I can not believe the bang for the buck on all of search engines. I am a BELIEVER. 
Kyle G, Restaurant...St Augustine, FL

"Exceeded our expectations increasing our traffic five-fold. 
David K, Pizzeria...Franklin, TN

"We are extremely satisfied, other services we shopped were 10 x's the cost! 
Andy R, GM, Hotel...Springfield, IL

"I am very happy to do business with Mass Marketing, Inc.  My sales rep has always been very helpful in putting together a great ad for us at such a competitive cost.  They are the best most up-to-date maps I have seen. 
Heather, Real Estate and Insurance…Spring City, PA

"I have been doing business with Mass Marketing for the last 5 years.  I have an excellent response with the maps from our customers, THEY LOVE THEM!!  I can’t keep them in the store.  It’s a great little give away for such a small cost!"  
Susan...Pharmacy...Fitchburg, MA

"Just a thanks for such an up to date map.  They’ve been such a great tool for us in the recovery of the shuttle debris."  
Ken, County Sheriff Department...Rusk, TX 

"Boy does Mass Marketing do what they say!  Realizing a small error in my ad after the maps were delivered, you made the correction and immediately posted my ad on the internet site at no charge.  Now potential customers can link to my website and link to my location with just a click. Thank you!"
Judith, Real Estate Broker...Goldsboro, NC 

"I love the maps from Mass Marketing but more importantly the reason I continue to do business with them is, They Say What They'll Do....and Then They Do What They Say."
Michael, Federal Savings and Loan...Belmont, NC

"It was very nice speaking to you today, May God Bless you always.  It's wonderful to find people who really know what seniors centers do in and for their communities.  Thanks again"
Cheryl, Senior Center...McMinnville, TN

"We are a 28 yr old frame shop and retail art gallery north of Seattle.  We have found advertising through map printing  to be quite effective, as well as beneficial for those who receive free maps from us.  We have participated with MMI in the past and had been very happy with the service and quality.  However a "good" deal came along and we thought we'd try someone else.  What a mistake!  The quality was completely absent.  As the whole pile of "cheaper" maps were sent for recycling we came to appreciate having a company that really does a good job.  For years, I have honestly offered up the MMI maps to people as the best map I have ever seen of this area.  I would continue to personally recommend their services to anyone considering MMI for map services and advertising."
Sara, Frame and Art Gallery...Mount Vernon, WA

" Just a note to let you know how much we like having the maps.  We give them out through our insurance agent, he now wants to get on the maps though! Seriously though our customers are very pleased with them, they say they're the best maps around!"
Carol, Roofing Contractor...Gastonia, NC

"We love to distribute maps to the patrons and visitors to our area.  
They are so well received!"
Denise, Public Library...Bridgman, MI

"On behalf of everyone at the Chamber of Commerce, I want to tell you how much we appreciate the work  Mass Marketing did in producing our new county map.  Your staff
did an excellent job for us.  We have received a steady stream of compliments since the maps arrived.  In a career that now spans more years than I like to admit,  I've dealt with printing projects ranging from simple brochures to hard-cover books.  Dealing with Mass Marketing has been far and away the best printing experience I've had!  Again, thanks from all of us." 
Polly, Chamber, Executive Director ...Hodgenville, KY

"Your map of Kechikan is one of the better maps we have seen.  Our area is very difficult to try an pin down in any meaningful way map wise because of its length versus the surrounding area.  This is very very well done.  I think it will be a big help for us in our marketing.  It certainly gives us a leg up on information that we can send out to people.  
I really appreciate your efforts on this."
Zig, Real Estate, Broker...Ketchikan, AK

"I cannot tell you what a pleasure it has been working with Tom.  Not only has he represented your company with the utmost professionalism and skill, he has been available to return calls when out of the office and to answer all of my detailed questions.  Today he called following up before he left on vacation. Had he not called, I would have had to wait until his return...and I would have missed our deadline for the event.  
I cannot thank you and Tom enough for your support of our event."
Greer, Non-Profit, Admin...Easton, MD

"Thank you, Mass Marketing for working with me. I'm so glad everything worked you know I was so gun shy from the experience I had with another company. Where I had payed in advance and never received anything. Your sales representative, Lori, was so proficient with her explanation of how things work there. She gave me great confidence in that what I was about to invest in was worthwhile. I paid upon delivery, and love the maps as well as the display boxes that you included for distribution."
Jeanie, Real Estate, Broker...Pinebluff, AR

"I just wanted to let you all know that the last edition of the map of Tyler that we were on, had THE best response. I had several customers come in and say that they heard on the radio that we were giving away free maps.  I appreciate everything that you have done.  I was going to do the maps again irregardless, simply because my customers just LOVE the city maps.  Just to know that you do this great city map has been AWESOME!!"
Donna, Automotive, Owner...Tyler, TX

"I have been on your maps for the last 28 years! I have state troopers that come into my office all the time, wanting Mass Marketing maps. If it's not a Mass Marketing map they don't want it. Thought you would find that interesting.  Keep up the good work."
Garrett, Attorney...Hot Springs, AR

"We have been on the Front Cover of the maps of McHenry County with Woodstock for 7 years.  We are so impressed with the accuracy and detail of the maps!  We really love advertising on them, and what a bounus that they are so reasonably priced.  What a true professional, Larry, your representative that delivered the maps was. 
Thanks Again for such an affordable form of advertising!"
Marla, Real Estate, Broker...Woodstock, IL

"I wanted to take the time and thank you guys for the diligent effort that you put forth on the St. Cloud area maps.  We're really really pleased. In fact I tryed to twist our sales rep Sandie's arm to get more copies of the maps.  We're going to be taking these and distributing them all across our town.  We're so excited and very proud of them and know it's going to be a great business generator.  We appreciate what you have accomplished as a company, and even more importantly, what our sales rep has done for us. 
Thanks again."
Jeff, Insurance, Owner...St Cloud, MN

d to twist our sales rep Sandie's arm to get more copies of the maps.  We're going to be taking these and distributing them all across our town.  We're so excited and very proud of them and know it's going to be a great business generator.  We appreciate what you have accomplished as a company, and even more importantly, what our sales rep has done for us. 
Thanks again."
Jeff, Insurance, Owner...St Cloud, MN

"I wasn't going to renew until I realized these were the maps with the little Red Box that says, "Free Take One"!  People really appreciate these maps."
Jack, Audiologist, Owner...Aberdeen, SD

"By all means, we absolutely want to do the maps again.  We are most definitely interested in continuing our relationship with you.  Mass Marketing, Inc. has done a great
job for us."
Sammy, Radio Station, GM...Gallop, NM

"We recently received the maps for Fairfield, Vacaville, Suisun City, Cordelia and Dixon California.  The changes we asked you to make are GREAT!   Thank you so much for adding the new streets and making sure this map is so accurate.  Its a great give away for our clients."
Janet, Realtor Website Coordinator...Fairfield, CA

"I just realized that we have been doing your maps since 1980! 
30 years.
We love them and so do our customers."
John, Real Estate Broker...Auburn, AL

"We have just received our new maps and we are thrilled...the clarity is so good. Regina..thanks again for your honesty and integrity as our sales rep...
We hope to participate again....!!
Janice, Realtor...Springfield, MO 

"Your sales rep offered me the opportunity to place an ad on the Garrett County and Deep
Creek Lake map.  I most appreciate it, and wanted to tell you how much I love the map. We have our supply of them at the state parks.  It's absolutely a wonderful map because its easy to read. With the white background the clarity is wonderful.  Again I'd like to thank you very much."
Patty, Dept of Natural Resources...The Park Service...Garrett Co., MD

"Patti, thank you so much for all of your help.  Karen in your Art Department really worked with me on my ad and her version was the best.  I thanked her so much.  She was very kind with all of my changes.  The ad that she created really caught my eye. It did just what she designed it to do.  She's a real pro.  You both are.  Thank you again, so much. This is really great. Please call us again next year".
Shelly, Dentist Office...Wicomico County, MD

"I just wanted to let you know that people absolutely love the maps. They come in and look at your wall map we have hanging, and want to know where we got it.  We can't keep enough of the folded maps to pass out. Business people come in and want to know where they can get some for their business. Keep up the good work!!"
Greg, Retirement and Assisted Living...Brownwood, TX

"I'm really pleased the way the Yuma maps came out.  People love the maps the street names are big. They're very well done. Your map covers areas that other maps don't even come close to covering, especially some of the newer areas. Places that I couldn't find, were on there. We're very pleased with the printing. Everyone I gave them to was very happy with them. They always comment about the Mass Marketing map being such a great map".
Chuck, Contracter...Yuma, AZ

"I have really enjoyed handing out our area maps this year. I was very pleased when I saw the maps initially. I saw what a useful map is was. Our ad looks great.  Quite a few of our customers have turned out to be new to the area.  We have been able to offer them these maps to help them find their way around.  They have been very appreciative.  It's been a nice touch.  We've been trying to cut our advertising budget over all.  We had made the decision before Sandi even called this year, that we wanted to renew this particular advertising venue.  
Amy, Kennel Owner...Pinehurst, NC

Concerning the ad the MMI art department and Sales Rep Regina put together for Cynthia:
"Great!!! Go for it!  Looks guys did an awesome job on our ad...I think it will really stand out."
Cynthia, Cleaning Service...
Southaven, Horn Lake, Olive Branch, Hernando, MS 

"This is the first year we have ever done the maps.  It took off even greater than what I had anticipated.  We had a lot of prospective clients walk in to our office picking up the maps.  Also alot of perspective clients at the health and trade shows that we did who were really glad to get them. We are definitely glad we did the maps, and we will do them again in the future.
Holly, Home Care...Brazil, IN

"Hi Don, I wanted to give a very good report on two of your employees, Debra and Marti.  I have been in business for 25 years an have done all kinds of advertising and had made up my mind not to advertise.  I never would have signed up with anyone, but Debra changed my mind.  I wanted to call and let you know she handled things so well, just an enjoyable person.  I would love to meet her someday even! Let me verify again, WOW, that is one good girl there. I spoke to Marti to tell her about this and she is similarily cool! You'e on the right track with those two girls.  I just thank you very much! 
Eric, Private Painter...Indianapolis, IN

"How come you do such good work, You really do, this is wonderful! I just looked at the ad your art department put together. I just want you to know how positively pleased I am.  This is absolutely, absolutely wonderful!!
Greg, Cab Service...Weaverville, CA

"Hello, I live in Iowa, and I'm a storm chaser. Years ago I got a map of yours for Lee county IA, from a local realtor. I know my way around the county thanks to the map. I was wondering how to go about getting a new one for Lee county, and maps of the surrounding counties so I can follow storms into neighboring counties feeling fairly confident of my roads. I'm looking for Lee, Des Moines, Henry, and Van Buren counties in Iowa and Clark, Missouri, and Hancock counties in  Illinois. Thank you for your time and making outstanding maps."
Beth, Stormchaser...Keokuk, Iowa

"Mary, thanks for providing an opportunity for my advertising to help my business thrive!!"
Marti, Graphic Designer...Elizabethtown, PA

"Thanks Martin! We love the Phone Book Covers...they're excellent, and they work!! I give them to my customers for reference, that way I'm right in front of them whenever they need me . Business is good and I will be ordering next year as well!
Jim, Home Building, Maintanence and Repair...Casa Grande, AZ

"I very much appreciate Debra calling us to make sure we have these maps.  We not only have City Hall we have a theater which is connected to our City Hall.  It is utilized by the public, who are coming in here for maps.  Every day we're refilling the boxes.  We've been out now for a couple of weeks.  We can't wait to get a new supply.  I very much appreciate these maps, and the public really appreciates them also.  You can tell by the quantity going out all the time.  I just wanted you to know that."
Emma Jean, City Clerk...City Hall...Orangeburg, SC

"In the last 10 days I had at least 3 phone calls from the same company wanting me to do the maps.  I didn't catch their name.  Of course I had never done business with them before.  I had done maps with another company 3-4 years ago.  It wasn't you guys, I always liked your maps. But this other company has the worst maps I have ever seen! I just wanted to let you know, I'll be with you guys for a long time."
LeRoy, Service Center...Delaware, OH

"I had to call and say how impresssed I am with the maps.  They're very, very, very,
nice!  I just wanted to say thanks for getting me in to this.  This is perfect! Wonderful!
Thank you, very happy!!"
Dave, Hotel...Penobscot, ME

"Wanted to let you know how much we love the maps and we look forward every year to receiving a supply. We distribute them in our Family support center, Welcome packets, Airmen family readiness center, Base housing and Base lodging centers."
Robin, Public Relations...Airforce Base...Goldsboro, NC

"We have been on the Tipton maps since 2005.  We typically receive 200 maps.  But we need more, people love them and come in for them all the time. Double the order because I don't want to run out of them this time."
Billy, Chief...Sheriffs Department...Tipton Co, TN














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