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The easiest way to send us your ad/artwork is to email it to us at Please put the map set code and your sales rep’s name in the subject line of your email. If map set code was not given to you by your sales rep, just include your city and state.

If you’re not able to email, you can mail us either a cd containing your file or mail us a clean copy that we can scan here in our art department.

Before emailing us your ad, please make sure that:
  • Your file is high resolution - at least 300 dpi for color/greyscale or 600-800 dpi for black and white lineart.
  • You include or embed any fonts and artwork images used in your ad.
  • Your file name includes the correct file extension (i.e., .tiff, .eps, .jpg, .ai, etc.)
  • If your file is extremely large (over 10MB), please use zip-it or stuff-it and make the file self-extracting.
We support the following formats:
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf) Make sure when distilling pdf file to embed all fonts.
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) Make sure to convert all fonts to outlines in Illustrator files please.
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
  • Macromedia Freehand (.fhx)
  • Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) Make sure to convert all type to “outlines” if using Illustrator.
  • Tagged Image File (.tif)
  • QuarkXpress 6.5 (.qxd) Make sure to “collect for output” all fonts and graphics.
  • Windows Bitmap (.bmp)
  • .jpg /.jpeg
  • .gif
We can also open Word documents but the fonts usually default if we don’t have them. If you’re sending a word document with imported art in it, please email the imported art separately in its original graphics format.

Please, no publisher documents unless no other alternative is available. We are on a Macintosh system here in our art dept. but do have a pc available to print a publisher document for viewing purposes only. We have to recreate the ad from a publisher document because we’re unable to import them into our system.

If you have questions regarding formats, etc. you can call Debbie Metz, Art Dept. 1-800-322-6277 x. 215

Thank you for advertising with Mass Marketing!

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