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Did you know that map advertising...

  • Is... Inexpensive
    Excellent pricing for small businesses!

  • Is a..One Time Charge for a year + exposure
    No monthly payments!
    An average map lasts 5 years!

  • Is... Widely Distributed
    Over 20 Distributors in your area!

  • Can Be... Promoted over local Radio
    Two types of advertising for the price of one!

  • Includes a Free Counter Display Box
    Insures thorough distribution!

  • Is... Tax Deductible
    One of the few 100% deductions!

  • Includes Free Ad Layout
    Can cost over $250 an hour!

  • Provides you a Personal Supply
    Free handouts your customers will love!

  • Gives You Your Money's Worth
    At $4.95 retail value, you get your money back in maps!

  • Is... Risk Free - You pay when the maps are delivered
    No Prepayment - Follows consumer protection guidelines.

Map advertising doesn't cost... IT PAYS!

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